What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine of India, which originated over 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda emphasizes re-establishing balance in the body through diet, lifestyle, exercise, and body cleansing, and on the health of the mind, body, and spirit.  We work with you to see how simple changes in lifestyle and rituals can help you become a more vital person.

Ayurveda Services


This is an hour or so appointment with Mary or Lexa where we discuss your current daily habits and what areas of your health and well being you would like improve. You answer a short questionnaire on your current state of health and then we would make a plan that may include dietary changes, cleansing, daily rituals, yoga postures and breathing techniques to improve your current state of health.  The further we exist away from our natural state the more we allow disease to enter our body.  You would be amazed at what small changes in your daily ritual can do for your overall state of well-being.

The cost is $120 for an initial consult. This includes the initial interview and a personal plan. Follow up visits are $80 and are when we are able to check in on progress being made, as well as make any changes to the treatment plan.

Please call or email for an appointment.

Wellness Journey

We also offer a Wellness Journey, which incorporates the consult with some private yoga/Ayurveda sessions to give you experience in these new methods to inspire your more vital self.  The Wellness Journey includes the initial consult with four 60 minute private lessons that can incorporate yoga postures, breathing exercises, how to neti, and a personal journey into the ancient science of life.  The cost for this is $260, and the lessons can be spread out up to six months after the initial consult.

Please call or email for an appointment.


Throughout the year we will have workshops that will guide you through cleansing techniques that will gently strip away toxins and rejuvenate your vitality.  We will also cover Ayurveda basics so that you may incorporate these wonderful age old techniques into your modern life and discover how to live healthier.

Personal Cheffing

What is personal cheffing? Well, it is a highly personalized cooking service. It starts with a consult, during which Mary will determine your Ayurvedic constitution (and those of other participating family members), as well as walk through a detailed list of questions about your health concerns, likes/dislikes, and dietary habits. We end with a tour of your kitchen.

On the cook date, Mary typically prepares 2 entrees and the accompanying side dishes for each. Each entree + side dishes comes with 4 servings.  If you have a larger family, there is a 3 entrees + side dishes option. This date will allow you to see that making changes to what your family eats is attainable.

Typical costs for the 2 entree options is $250.00 and may vary a little with food costs. Mary will leave the cookbook she uses to help you keep the momentum going!

Private Cooking Classes

Private cooking classes are designed to teach you new recipes, as well as show you how to incorporate Ayurvedic insight into your current repertoire. All classes are individualized to your constitution and tastes, and cover choosing ingredients, key Ayurvedic spices and herbs, and hands-on practice.

All classes are held in your own kitchen. Make it a party – invite your friends!

Packages are individually priced for your unique needs. We are committed to providing a service accessible to all who desire it! Please contact us to receive a quote. Payment options include cash, check, and credit (all but Amex).

Cancellation policy: All appointments must be canceled within 24 hours, or be subject to a $25 cancellation fee.

Disclaimer: We are not Ayurvedic physicians! We simply focus on the dietary and lifestyle aspects of Ayurvedic healing by providing coaching and encouragement towards living a fuller and more vibrant life. If you are looking for a physician, we are happy to provide you with sources for this service.