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“Yoga and meditation have strengthened my body and mind through movement and a focus on the present moment.”

Marianne believes that being present on the mat is one of yoga’s greatest challenges but, when achieved,
results in greater consciousness and inner peace. In class she will encourage you to cultivate your awareness of your inner experience. Each class is an opportunity to breathe, connect to an intention, and to develop mindful movement and thoughts. Marianne’s wish for her students is that the clarity and insight they gain about themselves while on their mat extends into their daily life.

Marianne’s own yoga journey began with the hope of alleviating joint pain from years of running as well as
improving her flexibility. She has taught yoga for 9 years, is an ERYT 200 and enjoys teaching and practicing different types of yoga. Her favorite pose is Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose) because it creates balance and strength, while challenging students to ground and to expand. She enjoys running, meditating, cooking, reading a good book, and watching documentaries. She lives in Wilmington with her husband and two children.

Marianne Viceconte

Marianne Viceconte
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