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Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Music moves us. Music can help us to reconnect with our innate creativity, move through difficult emotions and feelings, find new modes of meaning-making, and experience deep relaxation. Music therapy is the intentional use of music experiences to promote wellbeing. Our music therapist, Jenny Borgwardt, focuses on providing deep listening and supporting clients to increase psychological flexibility and improve overall quality of life.

A music therapy session at Yoga Secrets may include:

  • Using songs meaningful to you to serve as catalysts for discussion

  • Playing instruments to experience flow states and improve mood

  • Singing and vocalizing to increase creative expression

  • Listening experiences to facilitate deep relaxation

  • and more - sessions are tailored to individual needs and interests

Jenny often helps people who are experiencing:

  • Challenging Transitions

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Grief/loss

  • Pain

  • Isolation/loneliness

Whether you need a sounding board or are seeking what makes your heart sing,
Jenny would be honored to accompany you.

At Yoga Secrets, we offer private music therapy sessions at the studio or via Zoom with Jenny Borgwardt, board-certified music therapist. Jenny has her master’s degree in music therapy from Temple University and has been working as a music therapist since 2016.

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