Ayurveda is an ancient Indian science and one of the first recorded medical sciences for human kind. The methods in Ayurveda try to prevent disease rather than cut it out or cure a disease though it has methods for these more drastic healing practices, but that is not something that we would try at home!.

Ayurveda tries to prevent disease by looking at what we do daily; what we eat, what we do to care for ourselves, and what do we do to unintentionally harm ourselves. . One of the main beliefs of Ayurveda is that food is medicine so we have to deal with what we eat first. That can be very hard. We don’t always look at food as a fuel but instead a comfort, a pleasure, and escape. A common method to step away from our habit patterns about what we eat is a cleanse. It requires some self-discipline but it doesn’t mean you have to fast for a week either.

This is my fourth year cleansing and every year is different. Every time I learn something new and I make some small but lasting change in the way I eat. I don’t particularly think the process is great fun but it is a worthy way to spend a few weeks in spring. A cleanse can be as simple as cutting back ¼ of the things you eat that aren’t good for you each week so week 4 you are eating a pretty clean vegetable based diet. There are other things to add to this as you get more experience with the process.

Consider a cleanse a renewal program where you are working towards adopting a whole-food vegetarian diet, practice yoga, and make lifestyle changes that will help you eliminate metabolic and psychological wastes, establish yourself in a healthy daily rhythm, and “jump-start” your process of self-healing and determination. While these changes are not difficult, they may require some temporary adjustments in your life for a short period and hopefully bring some lasting changes that help you feel better

In this workshop on Saturday Apri 14th we will be going over the common pitfalls that this seemly good idea can have. Finding out what imbalances that you currently have how to work towards letting them go. Find out your dosha and what that means in making you feel better. How can you adjust a few habits and make big gains in your energy and durability.

Join us for an opportunity to wake up your energy after its long winter’s nap, boost your metabolism, and support and revitalize your whole system.

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