Create Your Practice

Created for those who are interested in immersing themselves in the life-science of yoga, this course will delve deeply into the theory, philosophy, and principles of this ancient practice. You will be guided beyond a strictly asana-based practice to bring about a profound shift, allowing yoga to pervade all aspects of your life. Engaging in a yogic lifestyle allows the peace, joy and serenity found on the mat to permeate every facet of living. The Immersion will guide your understanding of how to find bliss in each moment, creating a deeper sense of well-being.

This course is designed for everyone wanting to take their yoga practice to the next level. It is not just for those wanting to teach yoga. The 100 hours consists of three master weekends and eight weekly sessions.

Evolve Your Teaching

As yoga teachers, it is important that we continually evolve our understanding of different teaching methodologies so that we have new offerings for our students, as well as keep ourselves inspired. This is precisely that opportunity.

The Evolution consists of two master weekends and twelve weekly sessions.

During the weekly sessions, emphasis will be on physical and subtle anatomy, modifications and how to create themed and focused classes for specific populations, the Yoga Sutra, teaching pranayama, relaxation and meditation. These tools will give the confidence to teach more than just postures. As for the weekends, you can choose your focus to be on Yoga Anatomy or Ayurveda and Pranayama. You will also attend the final weekend in April.

Ayurveda Workshops

Need text here! This was copy and pasted: Dive into a life-changing course of study to deepen your understanding of yogic traditions with other eager students setting out on a shared journey. Our 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification includes the practice and teaching of asana, pranayama, relaxation, yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology, the theory and practice of meditation, and the study of sacred texts.