Health Consults

Sometimes life has a funny way of catching up with us. Perhaps we have been working too hard, making poor food choices, not exercising enough, or suffering from stress or mental fogginess. We may not know how we got in this slump, but there is something within us that knows that we could be functioning at a higher level. We could have more energy, greater peace of mind and a healthier body, and getting there probably isn’t as hard as you think.

If this sounds familiar, a health consult may be just what you need to put you back on track. Even if you have been feeling great and just want to stay that way, or if you need help staying healthy during a change in seasons or life situation, a health consult can be of great benefit. We use time-tested modalities such as yoga, breathwork, lifestyle and diet shifts to create a platform for healthier living. Whether you come in for a single session or several, we will work with you to create a plan to reclaim your vitality and give you the tools to carry it out.

Please email us for an appointment.