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Created for those who are interested in immersing themselves in the life-science of yoga, this course will delve deeply into the theory, philosophy, and principles of this ancient practice. You will be guided beyond a strictly asana-based practice to bring about a profound shift, allowing yoga to pervade all aspects of your life.

Engaging in a yogic lifestyle allows the peace, joy and serenity found on the mat to permeate every facet of living. The Immersion will guide your understanding of how to find bliss in each moment, creating a deeper sense of well-being.

This course is designed for everyone wanting to take their yoga practice to the next level. It is not just for those wanting to teach yoga. The 100 hours consists of three master weekends and eight weekly sessions. This program can be taken in conjunction with the Evolution program in the same or following year to earn a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification.

Three Master Weekends:

Beyond Asana: Yogic Living & Daily Practice - December 8-10, 2017

The Anatomy of Yoga: Exploring the Physical & Energetic Bodies - February 9-11, 2018

Ayurveda and Pranayama: Self-Healing Through Lifestyle & Breath - April 20-22, 2018


Fridays: 6:30-9:30pm, Saturdays: 11:00am-7:30pm, Sundays: 9:00am-4:30pm

8 Weekly Sessions:
  • Wednesdays from December 13, 2017 - February 8, 2018
  • Offering Wednesday morning sessions (9:30am-2pm) OR Wednesday evening sessions (5:45-10:15pm).

During the eight weekly sessions, you will develop a balanced home asana practice, as well as understanding the alignment and anatomy of the postures. In addition, the morals, ethics, and lifestyle practices of yoga will be unveiled. This exploration will create the foundation of classical yoga - principles that may be used to guide our lives. Inspired dialogue and real life application will be used to make this ancient philosophy accessible in the present day.

Since meditation is central to the practice of yoga, weekly insight into developing a relaxation and meditation practice will be offered.

Required texts:

Moving Inward: The Journey to Meditation by Rolf Slovik

The Yamas and Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele

Required Commitment:
  • 30 minutes of home practice each day
  • 2 additional studio classes each week

$1900/$1800 early bird if paid in full by one month prior to start date.  Payment plans available

Tuition includes unlimited, free classes for 3 months beginning at start date of program

Contact us for questions or to apply.


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